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Other Services

As well as tree care services, we also offer home owners and business a wide range of other services.

Tree surgeons in North London

Stump Grinding

If you’re interested in getting your stump removed, we’re sure that we have the right machine for the job! We have a selection of state of the art stump grinders and veteran operators for whatever you need! We can use our small grinder that attaches on the end of the a chainsaw for when access is narrow / through the house. Or a much larger and powerful grinder for the big stuff! After we grind the stumps, you will be left with space to welcome new plants or building works.

Ivy and Climbing Plant Removal

Although dense Ivy can be a really beautiful plant, performing especially well when covering up old and decaying fences or buildings it can also be a big nuisance when growing on trees for a variety of reasons- Suffocating young trees and severely blocking light just to name but a few. We offer a well priced and effective ivy and climber removal service. Get in touch now for a free consultation.

Applying for work on protected trees

If you have trees subject to Tree Protection Orders (TPO’s) or are in a conservation area with trees taller than 1.5m or 75mm wide you will need to get permission to do any work to them. This can be a tedious process and could be daunting to somebody unfamiliar with arboriculture terminology. We can help you apply to work on protected trees, by making sure to accurately convey your reasons and giving you the best chance for the proposed work to be accepted. Once you make an application there is a 6 week lead time to hear back from the local council. Then if the proposed work is accepted, the work must be done within two years.

Crown Cleaning

Crown Cleaning is the process of removing dead or unhealthy branches as well as ones that are rubbing against each other.

Dead Wooding

Dead wooding is an essential service for many of our commercial clients, this service entails removing dead branches from trees that could potentially fall and injure or kill people below. It is important to get your larger trees inspected and deadwood if people go near them, especially children.

Tree Lighting

Trees A Crowd London offer a bespoke tree lighting service. This can be anything from flood lights for security or more aesthetic reasons like weddings and Christmas trees to name a few! installing lights in tall trees is difficult and dangerous job and therefore should be undertaken by professionals who are trained and experienced in accessing trees with a rope and harness.

Bird and Bat Box Installation

Fancy a tree top bird box? As you may already know, here at Trees A Crowd London, we believe that taking care of our environment is of paramount importance. One of the many services that we offer is the installation of bird and bat boxes to promote a healthy and diverse ecosystem in your garden while  protecting endangered species and enjoying the new wildlife in your garden!

Treetop Cat Rescue

Don’t call 999 for the fire brigade! Contact our emergency call out team now if your fluffy friend won’t come down! Unlike some of the beloved pets we encounter, our experienced arborists climbing skills are unrivalled.


What other services do you offer besides tree pruning and removal?

Trees A Crowd London offers various additional services, including stump grinding, hedge removal and pruning, ivy removal, crown cleaning, dead wooding, tree-top cat rescue, bird and bat box installation, tree lighting, and tree health assessments.

What is stump grinding, and why is it necessary?

Stump grinding involves removing the remaining tree stump and roots after a tree has been cut down. This process prevents trip hazards, allows for replanting or construction, and improves the overall appearance of your landscape.

Can you help with ivy removal from trees and buildings?

Yes, we provide ivy removal services to prevent damage to trees and structures. Dense ivy can suffocate young trees and block light, so it’s essential to manage its growth properly.

What is crown cleaning?

Crown cleaning involves removing dead, dying, or diseased branches from the tree’s canopy. This service promotes healthy growth, reduces the risk of falling branches, and improves the tree’s overall appearance.

Why is dead wooding important?

Dead wooding is the removal of dead branches from a tree to prevent potential hazards. Dead branches can fall and cause injury or damage, especially in public or high-traffic areas.

What is treetop cat rescue?

Treetop Cat Rescue is a service we offer to safely retrieve cats stuck in trees. Our experienced arborists use climbing techniques to bring your pet back safely without harming the tree.

Can you install bird and bat boxes in my garden?

Yes, we install bird and bat boxes in your garden to promote a healthy and diverse ecosystem. These installations support local wildlife and help protect endangered species.

What types of tree lighting do you offer?

We offer bespoke tree lighting services for various purposes, including aesthetic lighting for events like weddings and Christmas, as well as security lighting. Our team safely installs lights in tall trees using specialised equipment.

What is involved in a tree health assessment?

A tree health assessment involves evaluating the overall health and condition of your trees. Our arborists check for signs of disease, pest infestations, structural issues, and other factors that could affect the tree’s health and safety.

How can I schedule one of these additional services?

You can schedule any of our additional services by contacting us via phone, email, or through our website. Our friendly team will assist you in booking a convenient time and provide any necessary information.

Areas Covered

Based in North London, we provide our extensive tree care and tree surgeon services to all towns, villages, and areas within a 30-mile radius of Enfield. Our team of experienced arborists, including certified tree surgeons, are dedicated to ensuring the health and vitality of your green spaces. These areas include:

If you would like to discuss your tree care requirements we would love to hear from you:

North London and Enfield Tree Surgeon
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